Riveters, Hello!


Time to flash the rivets!  Yes, I said it.  On to the stuff!


  1. Death Star – Just as the buildup for the new Star Wars movie intensifies, a scientist from NASA discusses how he’d build a Death Star out of an asteroid.  I sense a movie plot coming out of this…
  2. FFVII Remake – !!!!!!!!! Final Fantasy VII is my all-time favorite game, and when I first heard the official announcement about the remake, like many I had mixed feelings.  Will they screw up something I hold so dear?  Will the combat be the same or will they change it?  Are they gonna add or take away stuff?  Seeing that trailer sure set my mind at ease.  I figured they wouldn’t keep the same combat system, which is fine.  It looks like its a stern upgrade from some previous installments (did anyone else find XII’s system to be kinda lame?) and pretty badass. Also, I just read while writing this that its going to be in multiple installments, so multiple games.  Which, I can totally get behind.  I would hate for them to try to condense something so epic and that has so much potential just to make sure it fits in one game.  That really tells me that Square Enix cares about getting this right.  I could (and probably will) write a whole post about FFVII, however in the interest of time…
  3. Did you see the trailers for X-Men, TMNT, and Tarzan?  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!
  4. Mario Warfare – The Full Movie – I found Mario Warfare some time ago, and have been following the work of the channel Beat Down Boogie ever since.  I was a huge fan of this series and they just released it as a full movie.  Check it out, all of the game and pop culture references are fantastic.
  5. PINE64 – Holy crap, a Quad Core single board computer for $15?!  Seriously.  This is a very cool idea, and I intend to back its kickstarter.  Reminds me of a raspberry pi but with a little more kick.  The possibilities are astronomical for something like this, in fact I already have a few brewing for some current projects that this could be instrumental in.


Worthy mentions: Did you catch the mid-season finales of The Flash, Arrow and Supernatural?  Holy crap, cliffhangers everywhere!

7-Bit update: We’re filming a scene for our next video this Sunday, I’ll be posting some behind the scenes pics on our Facebook page.  I’m so excited!!!!

Let us know what you think about these in the comments!

Have a great weekend Riveters!



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