Riveters, read this post, you will.


  1. Donkey Revenge – Snell found a great post on Reddit about a little revenge on a DM during an RP in which the DM killed the player’s beloved donkey.  I was rofl’ing for a while after reading this.
  2. Netflix Bandwidth Changes – Looks like Netflix is looking for ways to improve on its streaming service by changing the way its looking at bitrates for different shows/movies while people are watching.  This is a really cool thing for them to be doing, check this out.
  3. Wikipedia donations – We all love Wikipedia, and as we all know they are a non-profit run on donations.  Please consider hitting up their main page and donating!
  4. Wizard Cops – Pretty hilarious take on Cops by Corridor Digital, worth a watch!
  5. Star Wars – There’s no way we could be a nerd community site and not talk about one of the single biggest events in recent cinematic history: Episode VII of Star Wars.  I believe nearly all of us here at Rivet City have gotten a chance to see it (no spoilers!) and I know I’m not alone in saying that it was a true masterpiece.  So many questions, so many answers, so much awesome, I can’t wait for VIII.  If you haven’t seen it, then you have no excuse.  Unless you’re dead.  Even then, go haunt a theater or something.

7-Bit Update: Finished filming a critical scene in the next Direct Action Santa series today!  One more to go, and it’ll be ready by Christmas Eve.  I’m so excited to post this, this is the best looking one yet!  Though, I will need to correct my previous thought from one of our last posts, this video is going to end up being about as long as the others….story telling takes time!


Tune in next week for your weekly dose of random nerdy discoveries.  Comment and post if you have any thoughts or want to share discoveries of your own!



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