Season’s Greetings, Riveters!


I am reporting to you live from Fargo to bring you the latest Nerdy news over the holiday week!


  1. SpaceX Landing  – This is truly one of the most historic events of our time.  We now have the capability to launch and land rockets, making private Space Travel that much more of a reality.  
  2. Future of augmented reality – This was a fascinating look into what the future holds for augmented reality, as inventor Jared Ficklin built a prototype to showcase the idea of having things actually display and interact on surfaces.  Give this a look, I want one.
  3. Star Wars – I have to bring this up again because wow, what a great movie.  Our entire crew has seen it and we all give it great reviews.  No spoilers, but it definitely has potential to be a great trilogy.  I’m considering writing up a spoiler free review.  Though, on the other hand, if you haven’t seen it yet…STOP READING AND GO WATCH!  YOU’VE HAD A WEEK!  LOUD NOISES!!!

7-Bit Update:  The latest installment of the Direct Action Santa series is out!  Check it out and give us a like and/or subscribe if you dig it, and let us know what you think in the comments!


That’s all for this week.  Next week we’ll have a few more things and catch up on the latest nerdy news.  Until then, hope you enjoy your holiday weekend!



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