Riveters, Buonasera!



Things covered in the vid:

Lazer Team!

Return to Ravenloft!

New Deloreans!

New Nintendo Console!

7-Bit update!

Things of note:

Challenger Disaster: The Engineers warned that it would happen Originally I was going to mention that this week was the anniversary of the Challenger Tragedy, however as I was writing this post I came upon an article from NPR about the disaster from the Engineer’s perspective.   This was an interview stating that the Engineers who worked on the project knew that there would be issues with the rubber sealing in the cold temperatures, but they were ignored by the big wigs.  This is a tragic example of a trend that still exists today:  Managers not listening to the Engineers when the Engineers say that it is a terrible idea or that it won’t work.  I won’t dare try to say that low level technical projects equal in comparison to a space shuttle explosion that ended the lives of 7 brave astronauts, but unfortunately this event is a symptom of the same problem that affects so many of us still today, in all walks of life.  All I can say is I hope that those Managers and big wigs learned something from this.  It’s unfortunate that it takes a tragedy like this for us to learn these lessons.  

Data Privacy DayData Privacy day was this week, January 28th.  The purpose of this day is to raise awareness of data privacy and data protection best practices.  Seriously folks, protect ze data.


7-Bit update: We’re pausing on our next video due to production conflicts, and are instead going to use that time to put extra focus on our most ambitious project yet.  I go into a bit more detail in the video.  Stay tuned!


Thanks for stopping in and watching/reading, see you next week!



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