Wizkids and I have an interesting history.  You know, the kind of history that starts out nice, being playfully bashful before giving yourself over entirely, then realizing they keep taking money from your wallet every morning…oh sorry, that was something else.  Anyway, I had first learned of them through their HeroClix line, an easy-to-learn, easy-to-mess-up miniatures system that brought the worlds of Marvel and DC together in one hot mess of spandex-tightening action.  On top of which, it was the first (and incidentally the last) miniatures game I invested in.  Sadly, this line died from popularity, leaving me with too many miniatures to display on my desk.  And they were such nice figurines too…

At around this time, they had created a completely new game, and as a result, an explosive new trend.  Quarriors is similar to a deck-building game such as Dominion; you start with basic resources and develop your hold in order to score points.  The only difference?  Instead of cards, you use dice.  Thanks to the success of this game, which includes three expansions (at time of writing), not only did they have a nice comeback in the gaming market, but also introduced DiceMasters to the market.  But that is a review for another day.

At least if the cat walks over the board, the pieces are easy to replace.

Each round, you and up to four players pull dice out of a bag, roll them to determine your resources (called quiddity), creatures, and spells (in addition to different dice from the expansions), and using what you have to summon those creatures and/or purchase more dice.  At last; savvy craps players have a game of chance they won’t lose millions over…or maybe they will.  Each creature in the game has unique abilities that can grant you more dice to roll that round, prevent other creatures from attacking you, or just gaining more Quiddity to spend.  Each creature also has a designated point value, and if they survive to your next turn, you gain the points.  The first person to reach the specified point total wins.

You start with this...
You start with this…
...and could end up with this happy mess.
…and could end up with this happy mess.

Giving over your success to chance gives the game an exciting edge, along with letting you think about what will work best for you given your current situation.  Of course, knowing that a lot of the decisions you make rely entirely on chance, planning becomes a challenge.  For a gamer that likes stability, it can be frustrating to be lagging behind other players that have been rolling well.  Along with this, at least in the core game, there are a few dice that are so powerful that one or two in any player’s set can usually spell the end of the game.  I’m looking at you, Quake Dragon.

"I make Godzilla looks like Barney the Dinosaur."
“I make Godzilla looks like Barney the Dinosaur.”

That being said, the game is entertaining without being mind-numbingly difficult.  The rules are clear enough that even a brand new player can get a basic grasp of what to do by the time it reaches their turn, and with a variety of creatures, you won’t play the exact same game often.  I would recommend this game for your library, as well as the expansions, which add more features that change how the game can be played.

Check the board next month for the next installment of Snell Reviews, and as always, happy gaming!

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