Riveters, Good Evening!


Tonight, we’re going to showcase our first ever Rivet City Interview!  In this episode, we interview one of our friends and contributors, LokiPlague, about his experiences at Smite World Championship 2016.  This is also our first ever podcast, with many more in the works.  Enjoy!



Show notes:

  1. How do we know each other? 1:18
  2. What is Smite? 2:02
  3. What do you do within the Smite Community? 3:25
  4. Who is your favorite God and why? 4:00
  5. What are Seasons in Smite? 5:40
  6. What is SWC? 7:30
  7. What was your first thought or feeling when you walked into SWC?  10:05
  8. What are some of the things you can do at SWC? 12:30
  9. How did the tournaments progress? 15:20
  10. Who won, who lost, cool plays? 16:50
  11. Epsilon vs Cloud 9 – 19:50
  12. Who’d you meet? 21:10
  13. Favorite Smite Cosplay at SWC? 23:00
  14. Would you go back? 25:55
  15. One high and one low:  28:25
  16. I heard you had an interesting time getting home… 30:45
  17. Where can people find you? 36:15


Let us know what you think about this interview and doing more in the comments below!  Don’t forget to Subscribe for updates whenever we post things!


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