“I’m getting excited!!!!” – Goku, before literally every fight in Dragon Ball Super.

Wow Riveters, things are freakin happening!

I can’t believe how far we’ve come in just a few short months. It’s like we stuffed years of work into a season 🙂 Honestly, it’s just flabbergasting (yes, I really went there).

So much has happened since we did one of these reviews. In fact, you’re reading this article on a brand new design of our website! How nuts is that?! With that – let’s recap on what’s happened over the winter and going into the spring:

– We made another episode of the Direct Action Santa saga! Check out what’s been happening during Santa’s absence and Krampus’ takeover.

– The site redesign has happened! New look, new feel, new us.

– We’ve added a new streamer to our team! Check out Loki’s channel!

– We’ve written tons of new articles, head over to our blog page and check em out!

– We’ve done a ton of great business and opened up our services arm, Rivet City Productions! Check out our portfolio 🙂

– Speaking of RCP, we’ve added a ton of new faces to our team – we’ll get to that in a second.

– We’ve partnered with an incredible company called Gamergy – They’re a wonderful group of people dedicated to the nerdy community providing us with a delicious clean energy drink – pick it up at a game store near you!

– We’ve been streaming consistently every week all winter – it’s been awesome and we’ve been having a blast streaming for all of you! Check out our channel and give us a follow 🙂

– Holy crap, we made a webseries pilot! Check out the trailer here for Players Required 😀 – Thank you to everyone whose involved – we couldn’t have made this happen without all you amazing nerds!

…and so much more.



Dang – we’ve been busy! The fact that we’ve accomplished so much says so incredibly much about the freakin outstanding crew of the Rivet City fleet (yes, we’re sticking with the nautical references). But I bet there’s an even bigger question looming on your noggin:

What’s coming in the FUTURE?!?!?!

There’s a ton of buns in the oven! Or, steaks on the grill. Or, eggs in the basket. Or, chest bursters waiting to…you get the idea. Let’s go over the stuff that’s SET IN STONE:

– Rivet City will be attending Anime Detour! Yes, we’ll be in full force this year, both with a Party Room AND Panel! We’ll be in room 203 for our Party Room (details coming soon) and running a Panel at 10:30 AM on Sunday morning at Detour.

– The Rivet Flash is returning!

– More RCL Shorts. “But Trydus, aren’t you all doing the webseries? Does this count as the webseries?” Narp! These shorts are totally separate from the series. We’ll be knocking out quite a few this year. Keep a lookout 🙂

– After the launch of the trailer for Players Required, we’ll be launching the Pilot of the series at Anime Detour! We’ll be doing screenings from 2-5 PM at Detour on Friday and Saturday, and at the Panel on Sunday. After the weekend, we’ll be releasing it to the world that following week. For first dibs at seeing it, we hope to see YOU at Detour!

– We’ll be returning to doing two new articles a week, and will begin to scale that up as we bring on more writers. Interested to write with us? Get in contact here!

– Streaming is going to continue to be awesome, and we will be leveling that up as well as we bring more streamers on. Interested in streaming with us? Get in contact here too!

– Expect TWO new episodes in the Direct Action Santa saga this year. That’s right. Two.

…and like before, so much more! We’re working on a ton of new ideas and have a crap ton of things up in the air. Indeed, it’s going to be our best year yet.

With that said, we want to interact and work with all of you! If you have any interest in joining the team and our growing community, hit us up on the socials and let’s get started! We want to create this incredible force of awesome creators and people who want to share their nerddoms with the world. I feel like I’m channeling my inner Goku right now just thinking about it…I’m getting so excited!

The best part? We’re just getting started.


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