As Canton Cobb stared down the Lawbot he drew in a deep breath. Boarding the space rails had proved easier than he expected, a bit of luck at the switching station had allowed him to break into the dinner car he was currently standing in, but he hadn’t counted on three guards being there to protect the safe. Hell, he hadn’t even counted on there being a safe in a dinner car, but there it was, as big and bright as the second sun on New Mars. In the confusion of Canton breaking into the car he had managed to destroy two of the ‘bots purely by accident, the third was now looking at him as if to gauge what it was looking at.

Canton didn’t need the money that was in the safe on the other end of the opulently adorned dinner car, but he really wanted it. That kind of coin would pay for a lot of whiskey and even more company. The Lawbot looked at the intruder with passionless cameras for eyes. The circuitry in the androids brain was already calculating how many different ways the outlaw could draw his gun and analyzing them to find the optimal method, and in turn, the optimal counter.

“Listen here spare parts” Canton growled “you just walk away and leave the safe to me, and I’ll forget I ever saw you here”. He knew his words were in vain, but they made him feel better, he knew that pretty soon the pale blue Lawbot would draw on him and fire until he was either out of the car and off the train, or the ‘bot was destroyed.

Rail Raiders Infinite is a dice luck game where you and your cohorts try to rob the space train. Yeah, I know it sounds a bit goofy, but if that little slice of fan-fiction for a board game is any indication, I really like it. Or at the very least, I like crafting stories around the characters I play.

The game itself is played out over a number of rounds, and each round is broken up into player turns. I don’t want to get too deep into the game theory as well as the game play, but sufficient it to say that initiative in this game can be the difference between nabbing the loot in the car that you just cleared of the ‘evil lawbots’ or having your butt kicked off the train for the 4th straight time because the person you are playing against just happen to roll their 3rd straight in a row, and I will have you know the lawbots are totally evil, they are keeping me from my valuable loot and shiny . . . . shinies. . . . shaddup, its late and I haven’t been getting good sleep on account of LadyDrake continuously kicking my ass at this game (I swear that woman is part horseshoe when it comes to dice games).

The minis themselves are chibi and kawaii as hell, for those of you not intimately familiar with anime, chibi is a cartoon style often noted for its use of proportionally shorter characters, who are often characterized as kawaii, or cute (there, you learned something, aren’t you speshul). The detail on them is fairly solid, and gives you quite a bit of space to play with if you are a mini painter . The lawbots can all follow a basic color scheme, where as every hero will require their own palette, if you are so inclined (I already play a tabletop game called Malifaux and my backlog of minis is big enough, so I am not). The card stock that the cards are made from has so far held up to the wear and tear that we have thrown at it, granted that’s not a fair assessment on account of we have only played about a dozen or so games.

The setup of the game is easy. Really easy, like shuffling 4 decks and dealing out 5 rail cars easy. It was this ease of setup that helped to draw me into the game. I, unlike some other people, have the dice luck of dirt that has been stuck in some fat guy’s ear hair for the better part of a year, specifically, very dirty, and non-existent, but still managing to be oddly smelly. It didn’t matter if I was destined to lose the game, like me. . . . losing . . . . . a game. . . .that involves luck. We could be back up and running with new characters in a few minutes.

All in all, I would highly recommend adding this one to your library if you enjoy space and have the ability to have a good chuckle at some new chibi twists on some old sci-fi trope favorites.

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