Shot glass full of tears in hand I left my rig laying on the discount operating table (read that as my folding 4’ table that sometimes doubled as my computer desk) and headed for bed. My inordinately long day had come to a close with my virtual Nirvana just out of reach. Everything was so close to being completed that I was almost there, or that was the hope.

Apparently I had been rather out of it when LadyDrake had come home (I didn’t remember her coming home, or going to bed, quite the feat when you share a studio apartment), she asked if everything was alright on account of my pacing back and forth, muttering to myself about electronics and potential shorts, all while holding a shot glass of what looked like water. I guess I must have tuckered myself out at some point because the next thing I remember is waking up to my alarm.

I went to work and acted as normally as I possibly could while still letting the problem turn itself over in my head. Most of that day was a blur of helping customers and doing some research on the motherboard and processor I had to upgraded to (GA-AB350, and Ryzen 1700x with 16 gb of ram for those wondering). Well it turns out that the new processor and motherboard play really nicely together, but don’t play with Windows 7, well, at all. Had I known how much extra work this whole project was going to take, I would have definitely set aside a whole weekend, instead of a Tuesday night during a high stress week. Then again, they say that in hindsight you can usually hit what you are looking at, as for me? I have always wondered how people can see out of their butt and how that helps them look forward. Ah well, there are some parts of humanity that will forever remain a mystery to me, I’m guessing that is better for all of humanity, I’ve met me before and my limited understanding of how social interactions work has gotten me just far enough in life to make sure I don’t screw anything major up.

So I had to upgrade my rig to Windows 10, oh joy. I fought this notion tooth and nail and even called people who were smarter than me hoping they could provide me with an alternative to installing Microsoft’s spyware masquerading as an OS. None of them said that I could get Windows 7 operational on my rig with the hardware I was running without some serious voodoo that would involve a fair bit of programming (a skill that I have to varying degrees depending on which job interview I’m in). All this meant that I was stuck with a forced upgrade, and before you go emailing me about how I could have gone to a Linux distro, keep in mind I was creating a rig for VR, not to stick it to the man, so upgrade I did. Navigating the Microsoft store to get my copy of Win10 went as well as you would expect it to go. They tried to upsell me everything under the sun, including ‘professional installation services’. Look Microsoft, if I’m buying the operating system and I understand what an ISO is and what I have to do to get it loaded properly, give me some credit, and back the fuck off, your online store is a total disaster and I should get credit for successfully navigating what you have clearly thrown to your marketing interns to design. I seriously hope you failed each and every one of them, because that was a horrific experience (believe me, I will be purchasing every single key from here on out from someone else).

What were we talking about before I launched into that rant? Win10 upgrade . . . . computer upgrade. . . . . RIGHT! Getting the rest of the computer ready for VR. But you know what, its getting late, and this old man needs his 5pm nap before supper.

Tune in next week for another installment of whatever this is.

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