Hellfire Reviews: Destiny 2

So if you were anything like me, you were totally hyped up for 2014’s Destiny, Bungie’s new IP and first game they made since Halo: Reach. It was an exciting title idea; a massive online multiplayer, Sci-Fi fantasy FPS, where you could drop in and play in a public area with other people from around the globe. Raids, Strikes, a gripping story, it looked like if Halo and DnD had sex with Borderlands watching in the background. But then it came out and took a full 3 years for it to become the game that people wanted, although I enjoyed it from the start but appreciated the updates.

Now, everyone knew there was going to be a sequel, there just had to be. There needed to be more. More guns, more story, more raids, more Cayde-6! Then that first E3 trailer hit and I was absolutely stunned. The aesthetic, the story, all of it was improved and explained further than it was in D1. Destiny 2 was going to be a great sequel, and Bungie hit it out of the park.

In Destiny 1 you fight against “The Darkness” with your power of Light given to you by the Traveler. In contrast, Destiny 2 sees you losing your power to Ghaul, the Leader of the Red Legion, which is a branch of the Cabel Empire. His one mission: To take the Traveler’s Light for his own gain and the see the destruction of the Guardians. You find yourself beaten, barely alive in the ruins of the City, clinging to life, attempting to evacuate after a failed operation to take Ghaul down. After finding your Ghost, a companion to assist in your endeavors, you head out of the City, hoping to find the Vanguard.

All the enemy races return from the first game, with some new types added to the Fallen race. Now, like the first game, each enemy is on a different planet, with the exception to the Cabal, as they are on every planet in some fashion. The Fallen, Hive, Vex and Taken are found and provide different forms of evolution and style, with the Taken being a mix of all enemy races, with their own little twist.

Speaking of planets, there are so far 4 planets to explore; The EDZ, Titan, Nessus and Io, all bringing in different aspects of the outreach the Guardians have made, or lack thereof. In addition to planetary exploration, there are the Strikes that you can do. These are long mission with set objectives and a main boss tailored for the strike itself. You can also take a shot at the Leviathan Raid, to which I have not completed yet. And finally, there is the traditional PvP known as The Crucible. Things have changed from D1’s version, with my biggest thing being that I cannot choose which type of match to play.

There will be specific events to take part in, such as the Faction Rallies, Iron Banner, and special holiday themed ones, which will change the aesthetic of locations and gameplay of certain game types. The amount of exploration you can do; to gain new weapons, subclasses, shaders, ships, Sparrows, and other loot, is amazing. The story is great, the gameplay is amazing, and it can only go up from here.

All in all, Destiny 2 has fixed all the issues that D1 had at launch and at death. I cannot wait to see what the team at Bungie has in store for us with expansions and other content. For me, Destiny 2 gets an 8/10 for its compelling story and gameplay, but loses points in certain areas such as the Crucible and, at the time of this writing, minimal content. If you haven’t played Destiny yet, I highly recommend that you jump on it.



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