A very happy Thanksgiving to my American readers.  I hope this year has given you much to be thankful for.  I am thankful for the continued support of my family (both biological and Rivet City) in this crazy little thing that I have come to embrace and love

At this point my dear LadyDrake had given up all hope on me for the week and had settled in to plucking away on her ukulele and generally being creative, while passively counting the reasons she continued to choose to be in a relationship with me and (I’m assuming) hoping that she found the pro’s outweighed the cons (queue obligatory KHANNNNNNNN!!!!!!) I believe after that mental tabulation was complete I was still found to be a reasonably suitable partner for her on account of she is still here and still actively chooses to spend time with me, sooooo, go me!

Back to what passes for reality these days. So there I was, digital key in proverbial hand as I got ready to perform (yet again) another upgrade on my poor helpless system. Grabbing my laptop and burning the ISO to a flash drive to make a boot disk I jammed that thing in the front of my case and hit the power button. We hit the boot screen and all was well. We got to the screen after the boot screen (whatever that is) and that went well as well. We got the point where Windows 10 started looking for a drive to install to, and thats where I started to sweat bullets. Being the mad engineer/scientist/STEM type person that I am, I sometimes like to roll the dice and gamble a bit with chaos. Turns out this time, I lost. When Windows started looking for a drive to install to, it didn’t like what I had, seriously, how can an OS get cranky when you are giving it a 500 gb solid state hard drive?

There I was, staring dumbfounded at my computer screen as it looked like the new OS was demanding that I either do something funky to get it to upgrade my copy of Windows 7, or get a new drive. Well, once again I carefully weighed the decision that I was about to make and bravely set off into the cyber world to find out what in the name of Satan’s butt thread was going on. After hours and hours of countless searching and posting on forums . . . . . yeah, I can’t seem to needlessly draw this segment out. I talked to a good friend of mine who does sysadmin on a scale that continuously boggles my mind. The long and the short of it was I was going to need to nuke my boot drive from space. You know, do the long, hard reformat. More tears, more crying, more shot glasses, more ice cream for the long suffering of LadyDrake, yadda, yadda, yadda.

So I had gambled and lost, I had to nuke my boot drive from space to install Windows 10, I lost some semi-critical documents that I was an idiot and didn’t back up, I lost a couple of photos that I really wish I still had and I needed to re-download Fallout 4 and Elite: Dangerous (on account of they run better when they can just be on the SSD). The rest of the install was fairly painless. However much of a pain in the ass getting the key was, installing it was as easy.

Running through the install process for the Oculus with all the proper hardware was surprisingly quick and worked quite well. Even the Touch calibration section that I had issues with seemed to be magically fixed with the massive upgrade I had performed (then again for the amount of time, money and effort spent on my part, it had better).

I had arrived, I was here, VR was quite literally in my hands and on my head. Tune in next week for an actual review of the whole thing.

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