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One of the longest running racing game franchises is Forza Motorsport. Some look at it as a competitor to Playstation’s Gran Turismo series. While I myself never grew up with Xbox, playing Forza is an amazing experience. While the series has been around for only 12 years, they have 10 titles to its name, 3 of which are from its open-world arcade games Forza Horizon. Now, while the modern entries seem similar, they are very different.

Forza Motorsport 7 adds more tracks to its already massive list but the most impressive addition is the cars. There are more than 700 cars to drive in the game. That is an impressive number, especially compared to Gran Turismo Sport’s 150. There is a noticeable absence of Toyota road vehicles in the game, which is due to licensing issues. Each vehicle is detailed inside and out, with the exception of some not having an engine modeled. The visuals are amazing, the gameplay is fantastic, and the controls are smooth. Forza is making itself a definitive driving simulator with each entry.

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Let’s take about the cars. The cars range from automakers from around the world; from Ford to Porsche, to Jeep and Holden. I personally have mostly American and classics sitting in my garage. They have specific car packs for download chosen from auto journalists, auto enthusiasts, and car movies. The 2 available now are the Fate of the Furious pack and Hoonigan pack. The F8 pack features 10 vehicles from the movie including; The Dodge Demon, the ’68 Dodge Ice Charger, and the Chevy Fleetline. The Hoonigan Pack features 7 of the teams personal and competition vehicles including; Mazda RX-7 “Twreakstalltion”, Chevy “Napalm Nova” and Ford “Hoonicorn V2” Mustang. If you haven’t seen anything from Hoonigan, I highly recommend you take a look into them, they are amazing. Also take a look at the “Gymkhana” series, great stuff.

All but 1 track is based on real tracks and circuits from around the world, with the Nurburgring being probably the most recognizable. All of them look fantastic, with all the little details made to make it as authentic as possible. My favorite track to race on is either the ‘Ring or Daytona, which are complete contrasts to each other. Having fun just putting around in cars around these tracks to just fun, but if you want to get serious, there is a “campaign” to play: the Forza Drivers cups. These cups have different conditions to meet as in different cars to drive and different little mini games to complete.

All in all, Forza is a fun racing game to play. The amount of cars you can obtain is amazing and they can cater to all different types of people. I will give this game a 9/10, with the point being docked with the inclusion of Loot Boxes which I don’t think was needed in the game. If you haven’t played a Forza game, I highly recommend that you play them, even if it’s just to smash and dash.

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