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I want to take a couple of minutes here and use this small platform of mine to talk to you guys about something that I’m sure you have already heard about, and might even be sick of hearing about: Net Neutrality. I know, I know, for about half of the people out there, you are so inundated with information that you don’t know what to believe, or who to look to for reliable information. I don’t blame you at all, some of this may seem like problems with regulating new technology, and part of that argument is valid, a lot of it is extremely valid.

If you are a regular user of the internet and consider yourself well versed on this topic, then hopefully I can give you one or two more points that you can add to your arsenal of reasons why we need to double down and save this critically important classification.

I will not mince words, this is a “new technology” problem that we all need to be extremely aware of. The internet has become one of, if not, the most important communication tool that we have at our disposal. It has (for better or worse) worked its way into damn near every aspect of our modern lives and our modern society. Much like the invention and widespread adoption of the telephone, the internet has revolutionized everything about our society. It has changed how we work, how we play (and who we play with).

So what do I mean when I say “new technology” problem? I am saying that this technology and its uptake and integration into our lives has far outpaced the laws and regulatory bodies that attempt to govern, and help keep the playing field level. The biggest problem here is that the ISPs have been slowly paying attention to this and watching and observing, figuring out how to eek every last penny out of the whole system, while delivering as little as humanly possible. There are numerous examples of corporations throttling network traffic because it didn’t agree with their business plan.

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In 2014 we the people won a major victory by getting the internet classed as a Title II utility. In a nutshell that meant that any throttling of traffic on the part of the ISPs was illegal, and that it was to be treated much more like a public utility (like water and electricity) as opposed to a a luxury, like cable TV. This was our revolutionary war, we fought it and won. Now the ISPs are fighting and fighting hard to change the laws and regulations to suit their needs. This in and of it self is nothing new, the big problem is that they are going to gut the internet as wel know it and create a multi-tiered system where they can charge whatever they want for this public utility (dont believe me? Look up what they pay for internet in Portugal, and if you cry false flag on that one, just look up examples of pricing structures without net neutrality).

Now we need to take up arms again and defend this new freedom that we have all come to embrace. This is our modern War of 1812, we must rise up, we must stand together and we must fight. If we lose this one the world will become a white-washed dystopia, with a handful of corporate actors controlling the information and content we consume. This is David v Goliath, and right now we are David.

So, how can we fight? Here’s a good place to start: – there’s a ton of great additional information, as well as ways to easily take action here. Your voice and opinion matters. Do something about it.

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