So if you are a regular of this series, then you are well aware of the fact that every now and then I am drugged and drug out into the sunlight.  This little ritual mostly happens for the benefit of my slightly suffering spousal equivalent, LadyDrake.  It gives her the opportunity to force me out of my dank meme cave of comfort and cheese balls and into the light of the daystar.  The practical upshot of this is that I get a much needed dose of vitamin D, and a small amount of sorely needed exercise.  The very real downside is that the respective police departments of the Twin Cities frown on my birthday suit, c’est la vie.

When clothing is demanded of me I like to fly my geek flag high, but I also like to fly it with a cool air of subtlety that slaps you in the face if you know what you’re looking for.  When I found out about the company Geeky Jerseys, I was over the moon.  Here was a company that was making hockey jerseys (I know, ‘technically’ they are sweatshirts, but the rest of the world knows them as jerseys, so get over it) that are incredibly geeky, and when you look closely you will be able to see the level of geekery involved.

So like I said, I was happy when I found out about the site and I thought their whole business model was pretty clever. So I did what the rest of us would do: I picked up a couple of jerseys – one custom and one stock. The company emailed me and said that the custom would take 8-12 weeks.  No problem, I can wait for this.  

Stock jersey comes no problem, looks awesome, love wearing it, get lots of compliments.  Life is good.  

12 weeks go by and I get nothing, no emails telling me about a delay, no ‘we are sorry this is taking longer than expected’, nothing.  I email customer service wondering where the jersey is, and why it isn’t here yet.  They didn’t respond until a week later and that was to send the tracking info.  First thought was ‘Alright, well, its on its way, so no harm, no foul’.  For some forsaken reason the thing gets bounced back to the warehouse.  I am clearly not happy about what has just happened.  The post office has royally screwed the pooch on this one.

Email the company again and again, no response.  I send another email and they finally get back to me about a week and a half later stating that they would ‘look into it’.  Fast forward TWO MONTHS and countless emails (most of them on my end with about 2 on their end), and the jersey finally shows up, they never offer an explanation, nor any substantive communication.  Worst customer experience in my life.

If you ever think that this is a good company to deal with you are dead wrong.  I thought their stuff was awesome and had my next 4 or 5 purchases all planned out, but they screwed the pooch so hard with their total lack of meaningful communication that I have a really hard time even wanting to keep the ones I have (I seriously thought about burning them and sending the company the video).  Do yourself a favor, and don’t spend any of your hard earned money with this company.  Their ability to communicate with their customers is on par with Comcast, except Comcast will actually take the time to respond to you, even if it is them telling you to go stick your head in the river.

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