Meet the Crew

Name:  Travis Bergren – Callsigns: “Bergy” “Trydus”

Character: Founder and CEO of Rivet City Limited and Rivet City Productions.  Executive Producer of Players Required.  Host of Nerds in Cars. Super Saiyan in training.

Age: 374….

Species: Human?

Bio: Combining a farmer’s work ethic and the eccentricities of nerddom, this burly bastion of both brevity and bravery is constantly charging into the unknown, determined to build amazing things to bring the most value to people while speaking fluent sarcasm and not trying to take life too seriously.

Nerdy Interests: Video Games (currently streaming Heroes of the Storm), Photography, Videography, Anime (DBZ for life!), Writing, Reading, Entrepreneurship, VR, Cosplay, Fitness, Self Improvement, Immortality.

Where else you can find me: @Trydus on IG, Twitter and Facebook, Twitch: tryduslegionairre

Name:  Red – Callsign: “Red”

Character: Founder and CTO of Rivet City Limited and Rivet City Productions – Content Creator, Streamer, Actor, Soulless Technology Mercenary (with a heart of gold)

Age: I will be a kid until I’m damn good and ready not to.

Species: Human simulating android

Bio: I’ve never been able to escape my inner geek, so I’ve let it become my outer geek as well.  Technology is my passion, I love figuring out how things work, then making them work better, for me.  My involvement in RCL/RCP has allowed me to explore my creative side.

Nerdy Interests: Video Games, gadgets, technology, Writing, VR, camping, craft beer, Magic: The Gathering.

Where he can be found: @dw87 on Twitter and rivetcityred on Twitch.







Name: Andrew Snell
Callsigns: “Snell,” “Dan, The Masked Gamer”
Character: Founder and Stream Manager of Rivet City Limited. – Content Creator, Streamer, Actor, Dungeon Master, Lord of the Dance
Age: 26
Species: Meat Popsicle
Bio: He’s the son of a plumber.  He likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.  He’s also an incredibly nerdy fellow who dabbles in a little bit of everything.  The Dungeon Master of RCL, his primary goal is to get the rest of the crew together for a game…only to MURDER THEM ALL!  …In-game, of course.
Nerdy Interests: Tabletop Gaming, Professional Wrestling, Anime, Video Games, Streaming
Where he can be found: @RCL_DANecurat (Twitter), danthemaskedgamerrcl (Twitch)


Name:  Spenser Barton

Callsigns: “Didact” “Barton”

Character: Founder and Graphic Designer of Rivet City Limited – Content Creator, Streamer, Actor, Magic/Pokemon Master and Scrub Lord.

Age: old enough to know better young enough to not care

Species: Life Model Decoy

Bio: Son-of-a-canuk who is unfortunately not Wolverine. Nerdy most of his life and has attended many a convention, usually in costume. Makes his internet living looking a fool as he stumbles through the metas of online PvP, usually having to resort to “Scrub warfare” to even make the cut.

Nerdy Interests: Video Games (currently streaming Overwatch), TCGs (mainly Pokémon, dabbles in MtG Commander), Soccer, Cosplay, Pro Wrestling, Tabletop RPGs

Where else you can find me: @Didactgaming on Twitter and Facebook, @St.Dethloon on IG, Twitch: DidactGaming




Name:  Charles Lindemann

Gamertag: LokiPlague

Character: Gaming Commentator of Rivet City Limited

Age: 30

Species: Yes.

Bio: I am not outside of the box, I destroyed the box. Tryhard in casual games and cheese in competitive. Breaking the social norm one day at a time.

Nerdy Interests: Why have one vice when you can have them all?

Where else you can find me: @LokiPlague on Twitter and Twitch




Name: Chase

Gamertag: DrakeSpirit
Character: Sarcasm and dirty jokes, or Eldrich Knight
Age: Old enough to be dumb
Species: Hyperbolic Hyper-spastic hyper-sapian
BioExcellent, and now, my life story!
(Editor’s note: Chase we never told you to write this, in fact we pleaded with you to not)
Well Mr Editor, it appears that you have taken the liberty of being the voice in my head telling me to
stop. But like Deadpool I’m just crazy enough to take over the world with nothing more than pancakes,
tacos and a bajillion tons of C4 and marshmallows.
(Editor’s note: Please for the love of all that is the Flying Spaghetti Monster just write the article we
asked you to write, go talk to the Geek Partnership Society and the Source and make something up about them)
In due time, in due time. Right now I need to tell the world about my story! My glorious and infamous
rise to power <cue evil laugh, if you see me ask me to do an evil laugh, I’ll actually do it!>. By using
comedy and satire I have become second only to Zuul, or Cthulhu, or pick your evil deity of choice.
(Editor’s note: Ok. . . . . . . So we have another writer that went off the deep end, fan-freaking- tastic.
Hopefully he won’t be as bad as Grumbledor is. Deep breaths, we can get through this)
It all started back when I was a boy (Editor’s Note: great, alright everyone settle in, or this might be the
only good time to go see if the Lode has anything interesting in it, they typically have some coupons from
Hardee’s or Culver’s or something equally healthy) I was just a sprout then. Knee high to an Arkturian
Mega-hopper. It was at that point that my father, the then Sith overlord of the quadrant sat me down
and made me <Redacted by the editor> in his <Redac. . . how the hell did you even manage that with his
spleen and ear at the same time?!>. After the ordeal I knew that I was a new man (Editor’s note: he was
a new something, we promise, but man might be stretching it a bit). I also knew that nothing would be
the same.
(Editor’s note: Yeah, we aren’t the same having read that, audience, please trust us when we say that
you are much better off having not read what happened, the entire budget for the next few years will be
utilized to erase what we read.)
We can skip ahead to high school.
(Editor’s note: Or we can just skip the rest of it all together, please, seriously, I’ll give you $5 to stop)
I think I can hold out for more. So back when I was in high school, and here I am going to show my age
just a little bit. Cell phones had just become an affordable thing, hell, back when I started high school
people still passed notes.
(Editor’s note: Great, Grandpa’s off his meds again, how about $15 shut you up?)
I think for $15 we can skip ahead to the college years, part I
(Editor’s note: I’m afraid to ask, how many parts are there.)
Well, that would be college, and I did a lot of things that are still classed as blackout ops. It’s not that I
can’t tell you, it’s just that I can’t remember, so most of it I’ll need to make up, I’m expecting it to
become an epic like the tales of old, there may even be a guest appearance by Mark Hamill and Carrie
Fisher who perform <Redacted. . . . again, and you will thank us if you knew>. I’m guessing we should be
finishing up somewhere in the XI or XIV range.
(Editor’s note: <begins to scrape out eyes with a rusty spoon> make it stop, for the love of all that is
pasta, $100 to just stop now, please)
$100 you say? You want to give me $100 to stop telling a story?
(Editor’s note: Yes, for the love Ithaqua stop)
Well then, I think my story has been done justice here. Before I go, let me leave you all with some
advice. When life <Redacted, as soon as we finish vomiting>

Nerdy Interests: Board Games, anything Lovecraftian, Xenogears, Malifaux, Video Games, and Audio Dramas

Where else you can find me: Hiding in my cave, or out in the twin cities experiencing new things to write about, or at your local convention, probably volunteering in some capacity 
Name: Robert Thell
Callsign: Grumbledor
Character: Johnson
Age: 35
Species: Otter
Bio: Just a grumbly old wizard who plays grumbly old games. Back in my day we didn’t ask our elders these sort of questions. Kids today…. Get off my lawn!
Nerdy Interests: Tabletop and Video Gaming, Rhythm Gaming, Star Wars (Empire Strikes Back was the best, all other opinions are invalid), Music Theory, Comics.
Where else can you find me: Steam: PSN: Sharnaff I also run the arcade at 2dCON, so you can probably find me there hanging out with a Koala.
Name: Travis Gelhaye – Callsigns “TravTrav”, “Anti-Berg”, “Doctor”

Character: Social media manager for Rivet City Limited, lifter of heavy things, part time ninja, full time optimist.

Age: Over 2,000 years old
Species: TimeLord
Bio: Sexy optimism coupled with a phone and laptop, the ability to throw down some posts and be RCL’s hype man is easy. Truly a real life paladin.
Nerdy Interests: Anime, JRPGS, all things video games, weight lifting, protein, supplements, ukuleles, books (typically written by Stephen King), horror, martial arts, teaching martial arts, and meal prepping.
Where else you can find me? You can summon me via RCL’s facebook?